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With 3.0 around the corner, our focus will be to get the Nightmare Tide Content and Tier 1 raid boss guides up as soon as possible, then focus on new additions to the site. Classic and Storm Legion Raid Guides will have links to external sources. We are keeping copies of our guides, just in case something happens to the external sites.

We are planning on adding information on 5 man instances, raid rifts guides, and possibly level 65 raid specs by class (class guides may be links to external sites).

All the money raised for Extra Life 2014 through this donate link will go directly to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This link is for Tauriell, an officer in my Rift guild, The Dawntreaders on Greybriar. She will be playing various games on October 25th to support Extra Life. Click the image to donate!

I am also personally offering up to 2 REX, being awarded to random donors ($5 min donation required, 4 or more donations total for 2 REX giveaway). You must leave your IGN (i.e. Llokii@greybriar) in the comments on your donation in order to be entered into the contest.
Read more here, click the image to the right to donate.

Nightmare Tide expansion launch has been postponed until October 22, 2014.
Read more at Riftgrate

Nightmare Coast 5-man instance guide has been posted.
Read more here!

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RiftGrate's Guide to Nightmare Rifts

Nightmare Rifts are a new type of Rift introduced with the RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide Expansion using a similar system to the Storm Legions’ Great Hunt Rifts...more
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