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Get your feet wet with the RIFT Nightmare Tide expansion! Click on the image to view all the information for the Plane of Water expansion, including 5-man instance guides, Rhen of Fate (10-man) guides, Zone Maps (link to RiftGrate), Masteries, and Nightmare Rift information.
*Note: 5-man guides are based on PTS still, and will be updated as soon as possible (but they will get you through the initial normal instances).

Check out all the great links on the right for News, Crafting, Dimensions and more!

All Nightmare Tide 5-man instance guides have been posted.
Use the menu above to navigate to the Nightmare Tide 5-man instance guides!

Rhen of Fate: Ungolok guide has been posted.
Use the menu above to view the Rhen of Fate guides.

Extra Life REX Giveaway Winners!
First off, I'd like to thank everyone who donated to Extra Life this year. Tauriell was able to get well over $500 in donations for Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters.

And now, the winners of the REX giveaways are: Caelllia@Deepwood and Sestrin@greybriar! Congratulations, and thank you again for your generous donations!

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RiftGrate Guide: Nightmare Tide Notoriety

A guide to obtaining all Nightmare Tide notoriety from dailies to Expert dungeon boss drops...more

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